Yet More Aphorisms by Tim Daly

I’ve blogged about Irish aphorist Tim Daly’s aphorisms before, first in 2008 and then again in 2009. Here’s a fresh selection of Tim’s aphoristic observations, slightly askew…

The clever understand your words. The wise understand your silence.

Funny is when reality shines.

It is hard to learn anything new, blinded as we always are by everything we already know.

I almost always expect the unexpected – and I’m usually wrong.

There are few things in the universe more stubborn than a bad idea.

Beauty has more shapes than Evil has disguises.

Good lyrics are crippled poems made whole again by music.

Uncertain and unafraid should be our default setting.

A friend that behaves like an enemy is neither.

Always arrive hungry.

Unconditional love is often given by those simply too lazy to negotiate suitable terms.