The Body Electric

An Anatomy Of The New Bionic Senses

Drawing on fields as diverse as artificial intelligence and neuroscience, The Body Electric provides an exciting synthesis of the people and technology making the convergence between biology and technology possible, while addressing the psychological, social and philosophical implications of these startling developments. Are you any less 'you' after a bionic implant? If all our senses are electronically enhanced, how will we tell the difference between virtual reality and the actual world? How can privacy be ensured when computers are watching and listening to everything we do and say?


"Once Geary lures you in, the real fantastical hook is wondering how we failed to notice that the bionic age has already arrived." — The Scotsman

“Geary ... meets various robots and considers (with a mild scepticism) ideas of thought-control machines and electronic memory devices.” — Steven Poole, The Guardian

“Geary [shows] that computers are more touchy-feely than we imagined and will soon bring new horizons of experience within our reach.” — PD Smith, The Guardian

“A fascinating account of a nascent revolution.”
Scotland on Sunday

“A remarkably fertile, imaginative read.”