Still More Aphorisms by Beston Jack Abrams

I first published some of Beston Jack Abrams’s Abramisms in 2007, then again in 2011, and once more in 2012. Having come to aphorisms late in life, Mr. Arbrams is nothing if not prolific. He returns here with more astute observations on silence, solitude and setbacks…

Nothing causes greater adherence to an opinion than opposition to it.

As adversity recedes so does innovation.

Small steps are as valuable as big ones: in the end they bring us to the same place.

It is clear we agree that truth is beauty; therefore it must also be clear that untruths are ugly.

Opinions are robust: they persist without support.

Few silences are unbiased.

Silence is a portable sanctuary.

The first impression reveals as much about the observer as the observed.

Death can be defined as the exhaustion of our options.

Contentment wears slippers; curiosity wears boots.

Unsuccessful people are essential since without them how would we know we are superior.