Serbian Aphorisms for Children

Serbian aphorist Aleksander Cotric (Geary’s Guide, p. 30), whom I blogged about in 2009 and 2010, sends selections from the anthology of Serbian aphorisms for children he edited. Parental guidance suggested…

Many things were not finished because they were not started. —Jovan Jovanovic Zmal (1833-1904)

Just go on reading books and you will end up being the same as those who wrote them. —Dusan Radovic (1922-1984)

Parents make mistakes. No wonder children get beaten. —Dragan Susic (1932-2009)

Where are you, my father, to give me another piece of advice I will not follow? —Branislav Crncevic (1933-2011)

When I am not noticed, I pretend not to be there. —Savo Martinovic (1935)

I walked Marina home today. Why doesn’t she live farther? —Zoran Stanojevic (1942)

I don’t know how old I am. It changes every year. —Zoran T. Popovic (1957)

When my father doesn’t want to talk to me, I know what he would like to say. —Aleksander Cotric (1966)