New Aphorisms by Daniel Liebert

Daniel Liebert (see pp. 292–293 of Geary’s Guide) is back with some new aphorisms. But not just any aphorisms; these are his own take on Ramon Gomez de la Serna’s greguerias. “As far as I’ve been able to ascertain,” Dan writes, “I am the world’s only writer of greguerias.” Dan defines greguerias as combining “aphoristic assertiveness, the punchline ‘kick’ of a one-liner joke, and the child-like delight in metaphor.” These and other of Liebert’s aphorisms are forthcoming in Fraglit, edited by Olivia Dresher.

Radio static is the lint of sound.

The high-diver pauses a moment to wind the spring in his buttocks.

A nun’s wimple is a bandage where her face was scissored from life.

Life evaporates and leaves memory salt.

Moths are shadows breaded with dust.

My morning piss hoses down the boulevards of sleep.

A stopped clock has arrived.

Lipstick on my cheek is the passport stamp at the border of Family.