More Aphorisms by William Markiewicz

I first wrote about William Markiewicz back in 2007, and he has now published a small book of aphorisms accompanied by his original woodcuts in Poland, Drzeworyt-Aforyzm.

Markiewicz’s aphorisms are catechetical in the original sense of that word, derived from Greek terms meaning to ‘sound out thoroughly’ or ‘teach by word of mouth.’ The sayings sound out spiritual and moral dilemmas—the nature of faith, the confrontation with mortality. The religious overtones are enhanced by the scriptural nature of the woodcuts, which often treat of Biblical themes. Markiewicz’s collection is a thorough, thoughtful spiritual handbook. A selection:

Nature never repeats itself. The one who portrays nature is the only one who has a chance at originality.

Intuition: going your way without inquiring about the way.

Don’t try to accept the inevitable; you do that already by living. Learn how to accept the acceptance.

If nobody needs us, we don’t need ourselves.

If you have the key, the wall becomes a gate.

Hell is when there is no reason to live and no courage to die.