More Aphorisms by Tim Daly

I first blogged about Tim Daly’s aphorisms back on May 3, 2008. Here are several more sayings, many of which follow an almost mathematical formula characteristic of a certain strain of counter-intuitive aphorism: If X, then Y. Many aphorisms take on this almost syllogistic structure. There is a process of deduction at work in deciphering an aphorism, though that process does not necessarily obey the laws of conventional logic. In fact, aphorists often use this structure precisely to lead readers astray, to prepare them to expect some trite conclusion before slipping in some apposite or unconventional truth, as Tim Daly does here:

Whilst stories cannot die, some are never told.

With great irresponsibility comes great power.

When you find yourself in denial, plant seeds.

Ego: The illusion of being only one person.