More Aphorisms by Lori Ellison

You may remember Lori Ellison from a previous posting of her aphorisms here, in October of  2007. In addition to being an aphorist, she is an artist, voracious consumer of aphorists’ biographies, and lifetime devotee of independent bookstores, one of her current haunts being Spoonbill & Sugartown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here is a selection of recent work, beginning with a timely reflection on matters economic:

Creative accounting is the oxymoron that ate the global economy.

There comes a time when having painted oneself into an intensely personal corner makes for some very good paintings.

Pleasures are things that we take, whereas joy is in moments that we are given.

Most people go to soothsayers in hopes of hearing something soothing.

Falling on one’s face periodically and frequently is preferable to spending life nodding one’s head like a bobble toy in the back of an automobile.

Eccentricity is a more local, vernacular, and benevolent form of notoriety.

Art now is made with much exercise and little vitality.