More Aphorisms by Daniel Liebert

You may remember Daniel Liebert from a previous posting of his aphorisms here, in August of 2007. (Also, see pages 292–293 of Geary’s Guide.) Mr. Liebert is still aphorizing, and still exploring that rich vein of wry, occasionally wistful observation that makes for cutting yet oddly comforting aphorisms. Mr. Liebert has been a stand-up comedian and joke-writer (His most famous line: JESUS IS COMING—LOOK BUSY); now, he writes poems and aphorisms. A selection of recent work:

Cynics taste life, spit it out and die of hunger.

Rugs aren’t beaten clean, but until one’s arms are tired.

Good wine makes good vinegar.

Once pain has used up all our suffering, it’s just pain.

A rind of cheese tastes best with a heel of bread.