More Aphorisms by Aleksandar Krzavac

I first blogged about Aleksandar Krzavac’s aphorisms back in November of 2007; a fresh selection is offered below. Krzavac is a member of the Belgrade Aphoristic Circle and some of his sayings are featured in the film Goodbye, How Are You?, which I blogged about yesterday. In these aphorisms, Krzavac turns his clinical, jaundiced eye on the current political/moral/economic state of Serbia… As always with Balkan aphorisms, prepare to wince even as you smile…

We live virtually but die for real.

Morals make saints; breaking morals makes human beings.

Morality is a barrier between men and women.

They lift their foreheads so high in order not to see what’s happening on the ground.

Eternal vigilance leads to permanent insomnia.

As oil prices get closer to the maximum, the value of human lives gets closer to the minimum.