Even More Aphorisms by Aleksandar Krzavac

I’ve blogged about Aleksandar Krzavac’s aphorisms before, once in 2009 and once in 2007. He is a Serbian journalist, illustrator and playwright. He is the author of the satirical play Ludi I Zbunjeni (Crazed and Confused People), and his cartoons (sometimes erotic) have appeared widely in Serbian newspapers and magazines. Krzavac is a member of the Belgrade Aphoristic Circle and some of his sayings are featured in the film Goodbye, How Are You?, an excellent documentary about that group. Here’s a selection of his latest:

You do not need to stand on your head to get a different view of world.

History is written in blood. Only the signatures are in ink.

Heaven and Hell have been united; they are now a border-free zone.

Robots will make great aphorists. They like to communicate in short sentences.