Aphorisms by Welles Reymond

Welles Reymond published a little book called Words & Feelings, Chuckles & Tears. It is a little book; the format is slightly smaller than your average credit card. The aphorisms in the book are almost all about romantic love, a subject most aphorists find difficult to address in other than cynical or suspicious terms. Reymond’s tone is often melancholic, even rueful. There is a sense of ‘if I knew then what I know now…’ throughout, as evidenced by the very last aphorism in the book:

I wish I had read these epigrams before I had to write them.

Still, the bitter wisdom of the book is leavened by regular eruptions of humor, the chuckles alluded to in the title. A selection of Reymond’s other sayings:

Slings and arrows are boomerangs.

When you worry about whether it’s over or not, it is.

Looking back at love lost is like turning your back on a sunrise.