Aphorisms by SRL

SRL enjoys hyperbole, which makes him well-suited to writing aphorisms. The initials SRL are not merely an abbreviation, nor are they a nom de plume. They are, he says, his “shadow”: “The shadow of a name is its initials.” His aphorisms “tend towards bludgeoning critical targets and exposing hollow idols,” SRL says, and he typically addresses psychology, politics, economics, and quantum physics. Propaganda is also a recurrent theme, and the subject of one of his most pointed sayings:

Propaganda: One cannot write about it without producing it.

SRL runs a blog, Maximum Advantage in All Things, and the following aphorisms are from his current work-in-progress, Backlash Papers:

Introversion is not withdrawal; it just looks that way.

Subversion is not advocacy.

Decadence can never be undermined, only eliminated.

Reality represents intrusion by those cocooned within anti-natural concerns: a hungry stomach focuses attention even as it drains the mind.

“Why get my knuckles sore?” I asked the hammer.

One can be well educated and still know nothing.