Aphorisms by Sherry Dalton

A while back, Sherry Dalton pointed out some mis-attributions and typos in Geary’s Guide (which are duly noted on this site’s Corrections & Clarifications page) and sent along a copy of The Answerer, which she describes as “your personal adviser for the 21st century.” The Answerer is a kind of online oracle, a database of Dalton’s collection of some 26,000 quotations cross-referenced by author, subject, and keywords. It works sort of like the I Ching: Type in your question and The Answerer comes back with what it thinks is a relevant reply. Hopefully, Dalton has included some of her own aphorisms, wry and rueful reflections on some of the big questions to which we never seem to get the definitive answer…

The root of all evil is fear; its stem is abuse of power.

Nothing more fundamentally naive than cynicism.

In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is interned.

They say it’s the cream that rises to the top. It’s the cream, alright; and the dead goldfish.