Aphorisms by Ninus Nestorovic

Speaking of Serbian aphorists … Ninus Nestorovic, a journalist, satirist customs officer and ex-professional footballer who lives in Novi Sad, has so far published four books of aphorisms as well as an anthology of aphorisms from Novi Sad,Pecat vremena. Like his fellow Serbs, Nestorovic takes a darkly satirical view of the state of his nation. Fortunately, the fatalistic political philosophy is leavened by some equally dark humor. Nestorovic delivers his aphorisms from on high, since he is over 2 meters tall … (The translations into English are by Dijana Zdravkovic, with some editing by me.)

At the very edge of the abyss, I realized someone was pushing me.

Since I died, I have increasingly come to resemble my dead father.

Thank the sound system for the silence you hear.

Why create the oasis in the middle of the desert and not some nicer place!

It is difficult to be paranoid with all those maniacs following you around all the time.