Aphorisms by Igor Braca Damnjanovic

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Igor Braca Damnjanovic writes aphorisms, poems, stories, and plays. He founded and edits Sipak, an online satirical magazine. His aphorisms have the classic two-part construction characteristic of jokes—first the set up, followed by the punchline—and the dark sarcastic humor characteristic of the Balkans. (Translations, with slight edits from me, by Sue Suncica Vilic.)

We’ve wasted enough time. From now on, we’re doing nothing.

This is not the end. There are two rock bottoms.

I got another clock. I’m buying time.

I am not drunk. You are two-faced!

I can’t believe it: I became an atheist.

I like listening to lies; there is some truth to that.

I got serious; I became a humorist.