Aphorisms by Eero Suvilehto

Sami Feiring, a Finnish aphorist and charter member of the World Aphorism Organization, sends translations of aphorisms by Eero Suvilehto. Born in 1947, Suvilehto is an adjunct professor of Bulgarian literature and has also made a career as a wrestler: He was Nordic Champion in 1972 in Greco-Roman wrestling. His two aphorism collections are Avattava varovasti (1998) and Kysyi sammakko tietä (2007). He also writes poetry, short stories, scholarly articles, and columns. A selection:

Artists, those poor students of life, crib from their teacher.

Borders stop the poor from coming in, not the rich from leaving.

In the theatre of life it’s the actors who direct.

All is said, but not to everyone.

The myth of individuality keeps the herd together.

Poverty is not a sin. It cannot be forgiven.

An army’s best friend is its enemy.

Children are mankind’s attempt to become wiser.

The child asks. You reply with your life.

History: Cosmetics of the past.

Weekend flings with nature: Who’s cheating whom?

When thoughts don’t sell, faces are offered for sale.

History teaches victims to become hangmen.

They pat you on the back, preferably with a knife.