Aphorisms by David P. Gontar

The indefatigable aphoristic archeologist Dave Lull alerts me to selected aphorisms by David P. Gontar, adjunct professor of English and philosophy at Inner Mongolia University in China and author of Hamlet Made Simple and Other Essays. If you want to read more, Gontar’s aphorisms appear in the January 2013 issue of the New English Review. A selection:


Democracy is a brawl settled in advance by counting heads.


The rich man cannot enter the kingdom of heaven because he is already there.


A mystery is a topic about which the more is learned the less is understood.


The seekers of Truth find only each other.


To see things as they are is to see them as they might be.


A little toxin is the best tonic.


Success is not the avoidance of error but the making of the right mistakes.


In the long run there is no long run.


  1. Mr. Gontar’s aphorisms, mostly written in
    the Seventies while a professor at Southern
    University in New Orleans, tend toward
    cynicism, nihilism, anti-feminism, and
    a sympathy with a Randian conservatism.
    Every man for himself: does not build society.

  2. Thanks Cathy, as am trusting that you would have an insider’s perspective on these “works.” Is David really at the University of Outer Mongolia?

  3. Frank:
    Yes, David Gontar is professor at Inner Mongolia University. You can also consult Tulane’s library catalog for some of his publications, including thesis and dissertation, law review articles etc.