James Finnegan is a poet who also composes aphoristic ars poetica at ursprache. He works in the field of financial institution insurance. Willie Sutton is one of his heroes. When he’s moved to assert something outside of poetics, he posts to Tramp Freighter. A selection below …

One can only be noble when no one is looking.

You began to suspect that the self was just a thought experiment.

Don’t turn your head—there is nothing behind you that is not dead.

Many of the paintings now thought of as masterpieces were the B-movies of their day.

Religion is a superstition with a superstructure.

If ever life drives you back into a fetal ball, don’t forget in that position it’s easy to roll.

Strategy is only alive while in action. As soon as it accomplishes its mission it risks becoming structure.

Tradition is cultural tyranny.

He was a full professor at the university of himself.