Dejan Tofcevic is a writer (of aphorisms, short stories and poetry) and an actor. He is one of a long line of Eastern and Central European aphorists who direct their bitter, satirical wit at totalitarian regimes, inept bureaucracies and their culpable fellow citizens. He has published a book of aphorisms, Crno na belo (In Black and White), and is the co-author of Rijetke cestice (the Anthology of Montenegrin Aphorisms). He is an editor with Zona satire, a satirical magazine. A small selection of his aphorisms follows:

Hope dies last. It tortures us the longest.

He confronted his past, but it didn’t recognize him.

Our judiciary system is independent; it is not even swayed by the facts.

What is underground has no borders.

The police were first to arrive at the scene of the crime—to await a victim.