The Existential Hangover Blues

A rendition of The Existential Hangover Blues was a regular feature of the poetry performances I did when I lived in San Francisco, from 1985 to 1989. This video was taken at a reading I gave at Larry Blake's in Berkeley, CA on August 17, 1987. Halliday Dresser and Mike Bailey played guitar; I played guitar and violin and sang, all badly. Larry Blake's still exists, now known as Blakes on Telegraph, one of the Bay Area's most famous music venues.

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This rendition was recorded in 1986 (or 1987, I can't quite remember) in Berkeley, CA. Philip Price played guitar and bass and programmed the drum machine; that's me singing. I used to regularly perform this piece, with acoustic guitar, at the poetry readings I was giving at the time. The vocals on this recording are a bit rough around the edges and more than a trifle affected, but then so was I at the time. It is offered here as a curiousity.

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The Mountain Inverted

The Media Gallery, San Francisco, Jan. 22, 1987

This video was taken at a poetry performance I gave at the Media Gallery in San Francisco on January 22, 1987. I always used lots of props at my readings, but what the umbrella had to do with this particluar poem I can no longer recall. I also distributed my own fortune cookies at each reading. I had the cookies made at a little fortune cookie factory in Chinatown, and each one contained one of my own aphorisms. » (8.6M Quicktime movie)

Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, Oct. 21, 1986

This is the same poem, at a reading a few months earlier. As you can see, I had a bigger box then. »
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Time Goes by in Wyoming

This video was taken at a poetry performance I gave at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco on October 21, 1986. The large box you see in this segment also contained, amongst other things, an umbrella, a toy boat, a chessboard and chess pieces, a mannequin's head, a toaster, a toilet seat and, of course, my goldfish. »
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