Empty Boat

This is first of three Super-8 films I made during my last two years at college, from 1983 to 1985. Empty Boat begins with a shot of a lone oar floating down a river. Cut to a woman playing chess with a mannequin head while seated at a table in the middle of the river; the oar floats past. The woman makes a clever move and smiles at the mannequin head. The oar continues its journey down the river and we see a man and woman, each lifting a heavy stone and carrying it from one side of the river to the other. They throw the stone down, pick up another and carry that one across the river, too. In the middle of their labor they stop, throw down their rocks and look up. Cut to the oar becalmed in a lake. Pan up to see a girl on a pier holding a helium balloon and gazing down at the oar. She walks to the end of the pier with her balloon, from which we can see an empty boat in the middle of the lake.

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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning begins with a shot of a man smoking in the tub. He gets out of the tub and we see him get dressed and check himself in the mirror. We see him leave the house and walk down a lonely country lane. He enters a graveyard and passes a tombstone that is in flames. We see him kneel before a tombstone that is a mirror. He has a large rock in his hand. He smashes the mirror with the rock, and we see his shattered reflection in the glass. He pulls a bouquet of flowers from his sleeve and drops it on the grass.

Sunday Morning 4:13 »
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Bread begins with a shot of a boy fishing in a river. We see him from afar casting his line. Cut to a woman in black walking across a field. She approaches a barren tree from which a globe of the earth is hanging. She plucks the globe from the tree and opens it. There is a loaf of bread inside. We see the woman walking again. She comes across a wine glass filled with water on a stool. There is a goldfish in the glass. She feeds it a piece of bread. Then she comes across a man in a black suit struggling to open an umbrella. She throws a piece of bread at him; his umbrella opens. Then she's casting breadcrumbs to a group of children on the steps of a church. The kids are scrambling around for the crumbs like a flock of birds. She drops a bread crumb trail, which they follow to another tree with a globe hanging from it. One child cracks open the globe and loads of candy spills out, which the children devour. Then the woman walks to the river, sits on the bank and begins absent-mindedly tossing bread crumbs into the stream. Cut to the boy fishing. We see him reel in a slice of bread, which he eats greedily.

Bread 7:31 »
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“Sometimes, two goldfish in a bowl are enough”